Welcome to the 2014 LiFF Lucerne Int'l Film Festival

The next public festival will be in October (21st to 24th of October).

During four days the city of Lucerne, cultural capital of central Switzerland, will enchant you with the magic of film. The brilliant venues of our hosting partners like the Hotel Schweizerhof, Hotel National and the Art Deco Montana Hotel offer our audience unique ambience and scenery out of this world.  

The "i" in LiFF not only stands for "international", but also for "independent". International are the films shown at the festival and also the filmmakers that submitted their work from all over the world. Independent and free spirited are the subjects and contents of their films. Even low budget movies with strong stories get a chance to show their films at our festival. Our program is unique and most of the films cannot be seen in the mainstream theaters. Quality and content are of high importance - heartfelt and moving stories are the soul of the festival.

Worldwide, only a small percentage of films make it to the big movie theaters and get a chance to be seen by a larger audience. In many cases those lower budgeted films are historically and culturally absolutely unique but lack the necessary financial and marketing means to be shown in large cinemas. Exactly these are the pearls our team has found for you! We took various cultures as well as different tastes into account. You can look forward to classic dramas, fascinating documentaries, fancy comedies, exceptional animations as well as hair-raising horror and SciFi movies. The closeness and personal discussions between filmmakers and audience is our foremost priority. Therefore various platforms have been created in hotels and the Louis Bar serving for a lively but intimate setting.

Your LiFF Team

Friday, August 22, 2014

Besuchen Sie das LiFF

Besuchen Sie das LiFF in der wunderschönen Stadt Luzern. Lassen Sie sich von den Bergen und dem Vierwaldstättersee verzaubern und verbringen Sie tolle Momente in der Lichterstadt. Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf Holidaycheck. Herzlich Willkommen in Luzern!
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