And the winner is...

On Saturday the "LiFF Flying Award Night" took place and the jury (Luke Gasser (President), Irene Genhard, Gilles Tschudi) chose the winners in six cathegories:

Best Shortfilm: 

- Munted (Winner)
- Mojado
- Mother's House
- Winter Frog
- Kavi
- Nullpunkt
- Kharoch
- Kono Kishi No Koto

Best Animated Movie:

- La vuelta (Winner)
- Gus
- The Missing Key
- Mortys
- The Man With The Stolen Heart
- Sad Robot :(

Best Documentary:

- PROBLEMA "Who are we in the 21st century?" (Winner)
- Living River
- Positively False
- Maybe Bangladesh
- How to start a Revolution

Best Horror/SciFi Film

- Haxx (Winner)
- Le Mirroir
- The Hike
- Skew
- The Romantic Killer
- An Evening with my Comatose Mother

Best Swiss Film

- 8 Blumen (Winner)
- Drei Brüder à la Carte
- Nordwärts
- Ten Thousand Miles
- Kondome im Urwald
- Réfractaire
- Ispansi

Best Feature Film:

- Ask Tesadufleri Sever (Love Just a Coincidence) (Winner)
- Änglavakt (Among Us)
- 40 West
- The Consul of Bordeaux
- Oggetti Smarriti
- Bir avuç deniz (A Handful of Sea)

The LiFF team congratulates all winners! 


Monday, October 24, 2016
Swiss Museum of Transport

Swiss Museum of Transport

is the official venue of this years's

LiFF 2016

21st to 23rd October 2016

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